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Rent Collection

Ensuring a seamless rent collection process hinges on having the ideal tenant who consistently meets payment deadlines. However, what if they don't? It's crucial to have an ally well-versed in tenant laws and equipped to issue the necessary notices.

Should a tenant exceed the lease's grace period, we promptly issue a late rent notice, inclusive of appropriate late fees alongside the regular rent amount. In the worst-case scenario of a non-paying tenant, our support extends to guiding through the eviction process swiftly, facilitating re-renting of the property efficiently.

We streamline rent payment for tenants through our user-friendly online tenant portal, accessible round the clock. Encouraging online payments not only enhances convenience for tenants but also expedites payouts to you.

Rent is expected on the 1st day of each month as per our policy, with a grace period permitted under WA LAW. - If rent remains unpaid by the grace period's end, we instigate our internal collection process. We prepare and serve “Pay or Nacate” to the tenant at the property, a task we manage on your behalf. Throughout the “Pay or Vacate” waiting period, we maintain communication with the tenant. - Should the funds not be received by the end of this “Pay or Vacate” period, we proceed to initiate the legal eviction process through our eviction attorney, overseeing the entire eviction procedure on your behalf.

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