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Like always, no hidden fees, account set up fees or
long-term agreement.

Switching made easy

Experience the Next Brick Difference

Switching is really easy & we'll take care of all the hard work and awkward communications.
  • Contact Us
    All you need to do is fill out this form about your property, and our team will reach out to you shortly.
  • Review and Sign Agreement
    Review and sign our simple, straightforward property management agreement. No fine prints, no hidden fees, no long-term agreement.
  • Introduce
    Once the management agreement is signed, we will notify tenants, the previous property manager, and any other relevant parties for a smooth transition.
  • Start Managing
    We will handle all the awkward conversations and smoothly transfer all your files, security deposits and keys, and start managing.

At Next Brick, we only ever charge you two fees. That's it!

Most manager's charge you extra for things we include as standard.

Next Brick
The Rest
No Maintenance Markups
up to 10%
Inspections, Visits Included
up to $200/visit
No Account Set-Up Fees
Up to $400
No Cancellation Fees
Up to $1,500
No Lease Renewal Fees
Up to $500
No Long-Term Contract
Bound to Tenant

Common Questions

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