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We Started With One Single Goal:
Empower Homeowner


We started with one single goal:
Empower Homeowner

As real estate investors ourselves, we were tired of not getting our calls answered and concerns not heard.

Investing in real estate can bring enormous financial benefits. But being a landlord and managing tenants can be challenging. I soon found myself fixing toilets, tracking rent, and spending precious time responding to residents, making it a full-time job.

Just like many investors, I turned to local property managers for help but often found myself "managing my manager." They charge a pretty penny as management fees, and besides, the list goes on with maintenance markups, account setups and cancellation fees, periodic inspection fees, and so on. And without any strategy in place to maximize the returns, we weren't getting a real value for our money.

So we decided to take on the challenge ourselves to refine the experience of local property management services. That's why we're here, to offer simplified property management with the highest responsiveness. There are no hidden fees, no markups, and no lock-in contracts. EVER.

We conceptualized Next Brick, to deliver the most efficient, trusted, modern rental management experience to our property owners and residents. Each member of our crew brings a unique set of skills, and together we are building products and services with one principle in mind, "simplify the rental experience."