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Looking for new tenants?

Minimize your property's vacancy with our dedicated leasing team

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult. 

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Are you only looking for a professional management company to secure a qualified tenant for your rental property?

Let us set up your rental for success with our modern and transparent property management services. Let our dedicated team of experts take care of all leasing tasks- from setting rental pricing to making your property move-in ready, from marketing your rental to screening tenants, collecting rent, and security deposit and preparing complaint lease agreement. We take the weight off your shoulders so you can do what you love the most.

Minimize Expense Maximize Income

Next Brick is a one-stop-shop for all your lease only and property management needs. Our Professional Property Management can help you take back some of that time, the time you can spend on the more important things in your life.

Get Rent Ready

Stages of renting a property

Property Walkthrough

A thorough inspection to evaluate property is entirely up to local codes. We also recommend any repairs needed to make your rental move-in ready or add value.

Listing and Showing

Professional photography, virtual tour, listing on 20+ website, promoted listings to boost views, on-demand showing and preapproval processes.

High Quality teNANTS

Finding The Right Tenants

Thorough Rental Application

Information about the rent, pet rules, smoking rules, and other property-specific information on the application

Thorough Screening

We qualify prospects with a background check, eviction history, and credit check. We verify employment, income, and previous landlord references.


Lease According To The Local Laws

Review and Sign Lease

When it is time to sign off on the lease, we make sure that we go over the terms.

Move-In Checklist

We do a rental walk-through with the tenant and confirm that the property is in good condition.

emphasis is on excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are the Leasing only fees?

Property leasing only fee is 50-75% of the first full month's rent upon tenant placement

Q: What you check for Leasing Only Property Walkthrough?

We check all appliances, smoke, and carbon mono-oxide detectors, the functionality of doors, windows, etc.

Q: Overview of what services are included in leasing only option?

Free-rent analysis
Advertising and promoting the listing
Showing the property to pre-screened applicants
Complete screening of applications
Lease agreement signing
Utility Transfers
Help with make-ready repairs and cleaning.
Transfer of keys to your new residents.

Q: Can I upgrade from Leasing only option to managed services by Next Brick?

Absolutely Yes!! You might even qualify for partial reimbursement of your leasing fees too.

👉We are here to manage, protect, and optimize your real estate investment.
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