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Let us set up your rental for success with our modern and transparent property management services. Let our dedicated team of experts take care of all leasing tasks- from setting rental pricing to making your property move-in ready, from marketing your rental to screening tenants, collecting rent and security deposit, and preparing a complaint lease agreement. We take the weight off your shoulders so you can do what you love the most.

Our Rentals
Minimize Expense, Maximize Income

Stages of renting a property

Next Brick is a one-stop shop for all your lease  and property management needs.
Property Walkthrough
A thorough inspection to evaluate property current condition. We also recommend any repairs needed to make your rental move-in ready or add value.
Listing and Showing
Professional photography, virtual tour, listing on 20+ websites, promoted listings to boost views, on-demand showing and pre-approval processes.
Higher Occupancy, Lower Vacancy

Finding The Right Tenants

We can assist you to take back some of that time, the time you can spend on the more important things in your life.
Thorough Rental Application
A thorough review of the rental application. Gathering all important documents and critical information to make informed decision.
Thorough Screening
We perform a background check, eviction history, income verification and credit check. We verify employment, income, and previous landlord references.
Review and Sign Lease
When it is time to sign off on the lease, we make sure to go over the terms.
Move-In Checklist
We do a rental walk-through with the tenant and confirm that the property is in good condition.
Legally Protecting Docs, Pictures, Checklist

Lease According To The Local Laws

Our team will make the rest of the process as smooth as possible for management or handover.
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