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Rental markets can be complex and constantly in change. Therefore, rental property owners need rental analytics to make educated investment choices and maximize their return on investment. Metrics such as average vacancy rate, number of days on the market, proximity to your property, established vs. new construction, rent in the area are much-needed information.

Simple Pricing

Entirely Simple Property Management Fees

Multi-Family Management
4% - 10%
of rent collected
Leasing fees: 50%
No inspection fees
No mark ups
No cancellation fees
No long-term agreement
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Single-Family management
of rent collected
Leasing fees: 50%
No inspections fees
No markups
No cancellation fees
No long-term agreement
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Placement Only
of one month's rent
Professional pictures
Robust marketing campaign
Personalized private showing
Lease preparation
Seamless handover
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*Note: Discounts available for multiple properties. Pricing may vary on location. For a custom quote, please reach out to us. We also manage HOA, rent by room and commercial properties.
Data Driven

Set a competitive rent price with certainty.

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