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Your Property Manager Can Help Evict a Tenant: Here's How

Your Property Manager Can Help Evict a Tenant: Here's How

A house is not always a home.

Most tenants are respectful and decent. But some tenants can't stay in a property for very long. They have to go, and they have to go right now.

Tenant eviction is difficult but often necessary. You can get help when you need to evict a tenant. Turn to the law, and turn to your property manager.

Here is a guide on how your property manager can help evict a tenant.

The Eviction Process

State laws regulate eviction processes, and every state is different. But there are things you can expect during the eviction process.

The landlord must have a good legal reason to evict a tenant. The most common reason is a failure to pay rent. Other common reasons include damaging the property, subleasing without permission, and disrupting neighbors.

The landlord must supply the tenant with an eviction notice. The notice must state the reason for the eviction and steps the renter can take to avoid eviction.

The landlord should give the tenant a chance to avoid eviction. They can give a rent-or-quit notice, which provides the tenant with a period of time to pay back their rent.

Only file a lawsuit if the tenant does not address the issue and does not move out. Court hearings will then commence.

You and your tenant will need to go to the hearing, and you will be asked to present evidence. You can have legal representation with you.

How a Property Manager Can Help Evict a Tenant

A property manager facilitates an eviction in several ways. A property manager can represent you in court with an attorney.

The best thing a property manager can do is find ideal tenants. Avoid an eviction process before it begins.

A property manager should inspect any damages to the property. They should document damages with photographs and written statements. You can then use that documentation as proof if needed.

A property manager should keep you updated on rental requirements. Rental laws change very quickly, and you and your property manager should follow the latest guidelines. Following them limits the defenses your tenant can claim in court.

A property manager can provide documents and resources in a trial. Losing an eviction case looks terrible on both of you. Work together on strategy and finding evidence.

A property manager should then help you find a new tenant. You can work with them on conceiving new rules to address future problems.

Make Your Life as a Landlord Easier

Property managers have your back. They manage finances and improve the living conditions in your building. They also can help you evict a tenant.

Understand the legal process for evicting a tenant. Know that you, as a landlord, are responsible for proving a tenant should be evicted. A property manager can help you gather evidence, keep you informed on the law, and prepare your case.

Get some help to make your life as a landlord easier. Next Brick has the best property management professionals in the Seattle area. Contact us today, or call us at 425-372-7577.