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How to Make Your Rental Property Summer-Ready?

How to Make Your Rental Property Summer-Ready?

If you own one of the over 48.5 million rental properties in the United States, then you know how vital summer prep and maintenance can be.

Check out our top tips before you rent properties this summer. 

Prep Your Cooling System

You must have your cooling system tuned up and working before renting your property. The last thing you want is a new renter whose cooling system has failed. 

Many HVAC repair specialists offer low-cost tune-ups where they will clean, service, and do any minor repairs.

While you're managing the cooling system, check on any ceiling fans you have on the property. Fans should spin counter-clockwise during the hotter months. Ceiling fans typically have a switch on the body of the fixture that allows you to change the direction fan blades moves.

Check Your Sprinkler System

Prior to renting out a property during the summer, you should check your sprinkler system to ensure it's working correctly. You can do this by running all the cycles on your system and checking that all the sprinkler heads distribute water the way they were designed. 

If some of your sprinkler heads aren't working, they may need a simple cleaning. The heads can get jammed with dirt and other debris during the winter. If you need more repair than that, you can contact your property management company or a repair-person. 

Arrange a Landscaping Plan

Even though most rental properties have relatively low-maintenance landscaping, there's still a long list of to-dos that have to be attended to;

lawn mowing, weed removal, water system maintenance, window cleaning, and more. Make sure that you are either prepared to attend to these tasks regularly or make sure the work is hired out and done precisely. 

You can outsource this work to a property management company if you'd rather have someone else maintain this rental ownership aspect. 

Summer is also the perfect time to do any outside cosmetic repairs to the building or concrete on site. Take the time before renting to complete any needed repairs outside the living space. 

Complete Pest Control Ere You Rent Properties

Summer brings not only an increase in the number of bugs and insects outside the home but inside also. Have your property treated to protect your tenants from pests appropriately.

Make sure to disclose the type of pest control that you use to your tenants in case of allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals used. 

Pool and Recreation Area Preparation

If you have a pool, recreation area, or outdoor ball court, the right time to clean and perform repairs is before listing your property for the summer.

A clean pool in listing pictures has a high impact and can be highly attractive to potential renters. Similarly, immaculate basketball or volleyball courts are very alluring.

What's Next?

Preparing to rent properties for summer is no mean feat. Preparation should begin well before the summer heat arrives. Hiring the right property management company can be the key to success, especially if you prefer not to do a lot of the manual work yourself. 

Check out our pricing today to find the right plan for your property!