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"It has been a pleasure to work with Seemant and Next Brick Property Management.  He has responded quickly to my emails and follows up promptly with requested information.  He has great contacts for home repairs and the pricing has been very reasonable.  It is easy to track the work and billing with Next Brick’s online portal.  The move-in inspection report was quite detailed with lots of photos.  I can’t believe we ever tried to manage the property ourselves!"
Ellie S.
Puyallup Rental Property Owner
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We value the relationship we have with our owners, clients and tenants alike.

We focus on offering a re-imagined property management experience, protecting our client's interest while maximizing their profits.
Daniel F.
Seattle Rental Property Owner
Next Brick Property has been an amazing experience. They are very conscious of both sides trying to keep the renters and myself supported. Their rate is is definitely on the low end and I feel highly confident while not worrying about my properties. I've been working with Seemant and he's very knowledgeable in every stage of my rental as well.
Archie O.
Kent Rental Property Owner
Seemant called me the same day I was inquiring about property management. He was friendly and was patient in explaining the services they offer. I am excited to use their services for my property.
Sudakr K.
Sammamish Rental Property Owner
Seemant and team are very professional. He is very thorough and remains calm and explains questions patiently. He has tons of experience managing multiple properties and I'm confident giving my house to a talented bunch.
Elizabeth M.
Tacoma Property Tenant
Next Brick has been very helpful and a pleasure to rent from. Any concerns I have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Special thanks to Seemant, He is very friendly and helpful.
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We believe in solid communication of integrity, trust and mutual respect.

You can count on our professional property experts for local knowledge and expertise for all your property needs.
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Monica N.
Renton Rental Property Owner
I had an amazing experience working with Next Brick. Seemant(The Property Manager) is very pleasant to work with. Very Professional, straight to the point, great problem solving, always provide timely updates and feedbacks. Highly recommended. Thank you for all your help! Look forward to working with him again!
Davis L.
Bellevue  Property Tenant
I really liked the attention I was given by Next Brick. Thank you for all your help in finding us the right house.
Juanita C.
Lake Forest Park Property Tenant
I have been renting for 3 months now and I continue to see Seemant very attentive to the needs of everyone who rents from him. He is very professional and goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and welcomed. Im very happy with services here and would greatly recommend him to be of great help. He is the person who will meet all your needs in regards to your next home.
Ravi B.
Tacoma Property Tenant
Excellent management.  Did a fantastic job of marketing and getting property rented out in record time. Took care of all details to get property ready for new tenants and did a fabulous job of helping tenants settle in.
“I’m a small developer, rehabber and landlord. Seemant has taken over our 8 people rooming house. As property manager, he has turned around the vacancies. We have been very happy with Next Brick services.

- Communication? (response when you need, PM activities among tenants, you, third parties etc..). 5/5
- Handling maintenance/repairs? 4/5
- Managing finding new tenant/s? (advertising, screening, finding good tenants) 5/5
- Deposit rent$ on time? 5/5
- Overall performance? Do you recommend Next Brick- 5/5 yes”
Michael P.
Developer, Rehabber and Landlord