Referral Partner Program.

Your client will get personalized service from our property management specialist
  • We don’t sell properties, we manage them
  • Protect and value client's relationship
  • Transform the customer experience
  • Differentiate your offering
  • Offer your customers a re-imagined property management service
Service You can rely on.

How Referral Program Works?

Next Brick is a full-service property management company that values relationship with each real estate broker.

Our Assurance: When your client expresses a desire in sales, we will contact you immediately, guaranteed.
  • 1
    Just fill out our referral form to send a referral to us & we promise to take excellent care of our mutual client.
  • 2
    We’ll connect & guide your client through our onboarding process and help them get the best rent amount for their property.
  • 3
    We will pay you up to $500 per property and when your client add more properties, you get paid additional referral fees of $250/property.
Next Brick Assurance

Why Work with Next Brick?

Improve cash flow

You Keep Your Clients Trust

When you send us a referral you increase your chances of getting a future sale out of them. We are often the first to know of their intent to sell their investment property & will refer them back to you.

Stay connected

We'll Put it in Writing

We will give you a signed copy of our referral agreement so that you have legal protection. We expect our clients and tenants to honor their agreements and we do the same with you.

Reporting & full visibility

Reduce Your Liability

Improperly following tenant-law on leasing, fee handling, maintenance issues, turnover, etc. can open you up to legal liability & even having your real estate license placed in jeopardy. Leave leasing and managing to us.

Customers loves our focus

We are are here to manage, protect, and optimize your real estate investment.

Offer your customers a re-imagined property management service
Get started
  • Single Family Houses
  • Multi-Family (2 - 20)
  • Condo / Townhouses
  • Student Housing
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