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Will it Cost You More to Repair or Replace Broken Appliances?

Will it Cost You More to Repair or Replace Broken Appliances?
Are you a homeowner considering getting new appliances for a property? This guide explains if it will cost more to repair or replace broken appliances.

Your household appliances should last around 10 years, but there is a chance they could die early.

Should you replace or repair them? Ask your property management team to consult a professional to see if the appliance is worth saving.

Read more to learn if you should repair or replace your major appliances.

How a Property Management Company Deals With Appliances

A property management company can have hundreds of properties they manage and maintenance requests to respond to. There is an urgency when it comes to which appliance is broken.

Even the best property manager may consider swapping out a broken appliance for a working appliance that is currently sitting in a vacant property. This will allow for more time to repair or replace the appliance.

For example, they may not want to buy a new one before seeing if it can be repaired. This evaluation process may take some more time than usual.

They can take their time by having someone look at it if they have a spare appliance somewhere else. Other appliances need to be replaced rather quickly compared to others.

Frequent Appliance Breaks

A washing machine often breaks more than other appliances. Tenants can go without a washing machine as they can use someone else's, or they can use a public laundry facility.

If another tenant is without a refrigerator, this is more urgent as current food could go to waste or become spoiled. The property manager doesn't want to be responsible for replenishing their food.

Residential property management companies weigh their pros and cons before making decisions about the above examples.

How Old is It?

The first question typically asked is how old is the appliance. Appliances have a lifespan of 10 or more years. It probably means finding parts to repair the appliance will cost you more money if it is older than this.

If the appliance isn't that old, there is a high likelihood these parts could be assessable, cheap, and easy to find. For example, it could be a heating element found in a dryer or a cooling element found in a refrigerator.

Most companies only give a one-year warranty when new appliances are purchased. This warranty will cover all repairs if the appliance stops working because of a manufacturer error.

Professional Estimates

The best way to know if the appliance can be repaired and how much it will cost is to go to the professionals. Your appliance repair budget may not be large, so consulting a professional will help you in the long run.  

They can be trusted to get the correct parts, install any new parts correctly, and can potentially save you money without having to purchase new appliances.

They also have seen a lot of appliances and can be honest about an appliance being beyond repair. At least you can say you got a professional opinion before making a decision.

Wait, Recycle

If your appliance cannot work anymore for a number of reasons, take the environmentally friendly route and recycle. You could be surprised at how the parts can be used in other ways.

Do You Need a Full-Service Property Manager in Seattle?

A property management company can take the stress away of handling your properties and taking care of your tenants. This includes handling the repair and replacement of your major appliances in your rental properties.

Contact us today to learn more about our services as a full-service property manager in Seattle.

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