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Why is Property Management Software Important for Property Managers in 2020?

Why is Property Management Software Important for Property Managers in 2020?

With advanced tools now available, they can automate a large portion of their daily tasks, improving their productivity level significantly, and focusing on serving their clients.

The features modern property management software brings with; there’s just no reason to miss out on the opportunity. Let’s check out some of the essential advantages of using property management software from the property manager’s perspective.

Six Advantages of Using Property Management Software

Track Maintenance

Property managers have to continually check for the maintenance of the property they are taking care of. Many property management software is now cloud-based; thus, any problem can immediately be reported on the software and resolved quickly. Most software has programs that give the tenants ability to create tickets and put their issues into the system to be received by the manager.

Application Screenings

Most residential housing facilities have a screening process where each tenant is vetted before signing the lease. The screenings mostly involve the tenant’s background and credit check and verify the answers provided by them in the application form. Screening can be done with the help of property management software as it can produce reports about each applicant and maintain a database as well.

Enable Online Payments

With the help of a PMS, you can automate the process of rent collection. The payments can be made using the tenant portal as it enables all online payments. This removes the need to meet property managers or landlords in person or wait for office hours to begin. On the other hand, landlords can get paid electronically. Property management software saves a lot of time.

Reporting and Data Tracking

The modern-day property management tools take out all the guesswork as it allows you to put all the data inside it to be processed. The software will then provide you with monthly text-based or graphical reports that you can use to assess the performance. It can analyze large amounts of data using programs based on business intelligence.

Efficient Business Operations

Professional property management applications like Rentec Direct allow property managers to automate their business operations and, at the same time, get regular updates about the processes to get actionable insights for the future. Some of these features are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Real-time secure data backup
  3. Automatic reminders
  4. Expense reports
  5. Lead management
  6. Task management 
  7. File management, and more.

Employee Management

Property management software will allow for productive employee and team management as it offers features like multiple logins, organizational structure creation, performance management, scheduling of meetings, inspections, and more.

Over to You

There you have it. By now, you know what a PMS can do for you. We highly recommend you to do some research before going ahead with any property management software. 

This post is brought to you by Next Brick Property Management. We are not promoting or affiliated with any property management software provider.