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The Top Reasons to Use a Leasing Broker for Commercial Properties

The Top Reasons to Use a Leasing Broker for Commercial Properties

Are you thinking of leasing commercial property in the Puget Sound area? If so, you have many choices. How do you know which property is right for you? Do you have the time and know-how to find the available properties? Can you still run your business efficiently?

If not, use a leasing broker in Puget Sound. The right agent can help you find the most favorable terms on your lease, helping you start on the right foot.

Keep reading to learn the top reasons you should consider a commercial agent for your lease.

They Help you Find the Perfect Property.

Leasing brokers can find the perfect property for you. They have the market knowledge and know who's looking to rent, even those that haven't listed yet. Wouldn't you love having first access to the hottest listings? What if the building you've been eyeing for years is about to be available? If you could pounce on it early and win the lease – wouldn't it be ideal?

Not only do lease agents know the available properties, they know the market too. When you need commercial rental property, you have a specific use in mind. It would help if you had a knowledgeable agent that understands the area's zoning and restrictions. A reputable agent should also know any proposed developments in the area that may affect your business. Lease agents know the neighborhoods inside and out. They know the trends and have connections with both commercial real estate owners and potential tenants.

They Perform a Needs Analysis

The right leasing broker in Puget Sound is a good listener. He or she should know your needs before showing you any available properties. Understanding your needs means asking the right questions about your business today as well as your plans. What location would serve your business the most? Do you have customers visiting you, or is it strictly office space? This will play a role in the chosen location. The needs analysis should also include your financial needs. What can you afford? A broker can help you find the right property based on these needs.

They Have Extensive Market Knowledge

Even if you could find the perfect property to lease in Tacoma, Seattle, or Federal Way, can you negotiate the best possible rent? The right broker knows the vital market information that could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the lease. A commercial agent represents you in your search – he or she wants your best interests covered. Why take a chance to make a poor decision due to a lack of knowledge?

Having a tenant agent on your side also evens out the playing field. If the landlord has a listing agent, his interests are protected. When you go to the table to negotiate alone, you may find yourself fighting a battle; you can't win. Who's got your back? You need a tenant agent to handle your negotiations to make sure they are fair.

They Know the Property's Rental History

Unless the property you like is brand new, it likely has a rental history. You deserve to know what it is as it could affect your business. Rental history has a way of transforming the building's reputation. If you don't see the community's attitude toward the building, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. You could have the best business possible, but if the location has a bad reputation, people won't patronize it.

A reputable leasing broker in the Puget Sound area will know the buildings' history. If not, the agent will do his or her due diligence and inform you. The last thing you want is to sign a lease on a building that the community avoids like the plague.

They Help Streamline the Leasing Process

Once you accept a deal, the hard work continues. There are building inspections, negotiations, and even re-negotiations. Do you have time to handle all of this? A leasing agent does this day in and day out. Between making offers, completing the paperwork, and reaching out to connections to streamline the process, a commercial broker can help you get the process completed faster.

They Have Access to Tenants

Leasing brokers have many connections. They know the hottest properties that are now available, but they have tenant connections. They always know who is looking or who would jump at the chance to lease a specific property.

A commercial agent's professional relationships can help you should you invest in a property and decide to lease it. Again, why waste time vetting renters yourself when you can have a professional agent do it for you? Chances are the connections the agent has already been vetted. This further streamlines the negotiations and closing process and gets you an executed lease that much faster.

They Provide Impartial Advice

Are you deciding between leasing and buying a property? It's a big decision that requires an in-depth analysis. The right agent can help you with the report, providing impartial advice. That third-party knowledge can help you make a solid decision based on facts, not emotion. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and make a quick decision to catch the hottest property, but your choice may not make financial sense. Let an impartial agent help you decide.

Bottom Line

A leasing broker breaks down the rental process for you. The right agent understands both sides of the process and will represent you accordingly. It would be best if you had an agent who will do research, know all of the hottest buildings in town, and negotiate fiercely for you. Entering a lease agreement without agent representation can mean the difference between thousands of dollars and unpleasant fine print in your lease.

Don't get caught without a leasing broker in the Puget Sound area today. If you aren't already working with someone, give us a call. We will gladly go over your criteria and offer our advice on the best way to proceed.