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Next Brick Property Management's "Emergency Fund" Helps Landlords To Cover Emergency Repairs Bill

Next Brick Property Management's

Next Brick Property Management is pleased to offer "Reserve Fund Availability" to rental property owners helping cover the cost of emergency repairs. Next Brick Property Management's reserve fund option provides a line of credit to cover these emergency repairs and keep the property in rentable condition. Next Brick Property Management offers a best-in-class approach for refining property management and delivers a trusted, modern rental management experience to property owners and residents. 


Bellevue, WA - May 18, 2020 - Next Brick Property Management is pleased to offer the "Emergency Fund" option to rental property owners. Funds can be used to cover the cost of emergency repairs.  

This fund protects a property owner from having to cut into its monthly budget to pay for emergency repairs. Property owners can use Next Brick Property Management's line of credit to cover emergency repairs and payback later. 

Next Brick Property Management is a Transparent property manager that provides three service plans to ensure that its clients have a choice in the best management level for their needs.

Next Brick is a full-service property management company and below are some features included in all of their plans.

Rent Collection: Residents can pay rent via an online resident portal, where owners can link a bank account for quick, direct deposits. 

Lease Enforcement: Next Brick Property Management proactively addresses issues with residents before they escalate.

Property Inspections: Annual property inspections are performed annually. Property owners get full insight into these reports which are available in the owner's portal. 

Maintenance Management: The company understands how important it is that maintenance tasks are accomplished quickly. Next Brick Property Management coordinates with residents and vendors to ensure that all maintenance requests are completed fast and efficiently. 

Lease Renewals: Next Brick Property Management negotiates, prepares, and executes leases with residents before their current lease expires. 

These solutions provide an efficient way to provide value and security for real estate investments. 

"We knew there was a better way to serve landlords and tenants. Hence we conceptualized Next Brick property Management to refine property management and making service our utmost priority," said Seemant Nakra, founder of Next Brick Property Management. "We are pleased to offer a comprehensive solution to rental property owners that includes access to a reserve fund to cover the cost of emergency repairs."

For more information on how Next Brick Property Management can minimize your cost, and maximize your revenue, visit the website at

About Next Brick Property Management

Next Brick Powered by Pellego, delivers a trusted, modern rental management experience to property owners and residents. Next Brick Property Management aims to manage, protect, and optimize a property owner's real estate investment. The company is driven to refine property management.

Next Brick Property Management saw the need for a property management company that aligns their interest with rental property owners who would maximize their revenue while minimizing costs. Visit the website to learn more about Next Brick Property Management.


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