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How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Renton, WA

How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Renton, WA

When an old tenant moves out, and before a new tenant moves in, landlords and property managers have a long list of things to take care of.

From checking for and repairing any damage to updating appliances or scheduling inspections, these tasks help keep the property in good shape and set up the new tenants for a successful, happy rental period.

But while each of those tasks is important, perhaps the most crucial job is cleaning the unit. 

Even a clean tenant leaves their mark on an apartment or home, especially if that property has carpeting.

If you need to get dirt and stains off a carpet before new tenants move in, keep reading to learn how to find the best cleaning service.

Consider the Cleaning You Need

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning services use a wide variety of methods to lift stains, dirt, and debris from your carpet's fibers.

While each method has its benefits, some may not be the right choice for your rental.

For instance, wet or steam cleanings, while useful, soak your carpets with water. If you have a new tenant moving in soon or need to get other work done in the unit, this might not be the right choice.

Walking on wet carpets with dirty shoes can immediately reverse the cleaning, leaving your carpets even more stained.

In this case, "dry" cleaning might be the better choice. When you're checking out cleaning services in your area, ask about the methods they offer.

Check Reviews

Once you've chosen the carpet cleaner companies in your area with the cleaning method you're looking for, it's time to narrow your options.

Checking out reviews for each company is a great way to do this.

Reviews on Google, Yelp, or other similar sites will help you get a better idea of what other homeowners thought of their services. You might find out things that each company's website won't tell you, like whether they do a good job, how easy they are to work with, and how quickly they can get the job done.

Ask About Guarantees

If you know that you're dealing with specific, tough-to-clean stains, like pet stains or wine stains, ask the companies that you're considering whether they offer a guarantee.

While a company might say that they are equipped to handle tough stains, without a guarantee, you might wind up disappointed with the result, with no recourse for getting the second round of cleaning or a refund.

Look for Packages and Deals

If you need to have multiple rooms cleaned, a package deal might help you save some money.

Many companies offer deals when cleaning more than one room. You might get a discount on each room, or get one room or area of your home for free when you pay for others.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for the Job

Choosing the right cleaning service will help you get your carpets cleans the first time so that your next tenants can move in happy.

Use these tips to help you find the right service in your area.

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