Assessing the condition of your investment property can save time and money. Regular inspections build a healthy relationship with residents, property owners, and property managers.Besides, it gives property owners peace of mind that their investment is in good hands.

Inspection is an excellent opportunity for property managers to ensure that the residents are taking care of your investment and for us to keep an eye on any pre-existing conditions. It is also the opportunity for residents to provide you with valuable feedback regarding the property. We don't believe in vacancies, and we work hard to keep tenants happy and keep them there for the long term.

How often should a property be inspected?

Property Manager should inspect at move in, move out, and mid-year. At times, they can also do a quick walkthrough when they are going to the property to address maintenance issues.

When inspecting the property, property managers should carry a thorough walkthrough and take some photos. They should actively compare the condition with the last report to evaluate wear and tear.

What if there are issues?

The property manager should be ready to address the findings. The Property Manager should also get at least three quotes to resolve the issue and supervise the property until the problem is corrected.

If the resident has caused more than the normal wear and tear damage, you may need to issue them with a notice/warning.

Follow up actions

Any urgent repairs or maintenance identified in the inspection report, such as a broken window or a water leakage should be corrected as soon as possible, and any non-urgent maintenance should be planned for.

Overall, the property inspection report should give the property owner a clear and accurate view of the state of their investment property and the condition in which the tenants are keeping it.

Technology Effect

Technology is much-helping property managers, property owners, and residents to streamline the rental process. Property owners can view inspection reports, along with any maintenance requests and historical data directly via the online owner portal at any time. Residents now can schedule to view the property at their convenience, pay rent from the comfort of their couch.Property managers can list, show, and lease with just a few clicks.

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